Statement of Faith

International Bible Church is committed to the teaching of the Bible. Jesus said that if we search out the Scripture, we will find that they point us to Him. Therefore, it follows that our central belief and commitment is to Jesus Christ as God's unique Son: the Word of God who came to live among us, fully divine, fully human, the Savior who was crucified and is risen, ascended and coming again at the end of the age.

Whereas Jesus is the personal Word of God, the Bible is God's written word. We embrace the statement penned by Paul, the Apostle:  "All Scripture is inspired by God…" i.e., fully-inspired – and as such, unfailing and without error. Thus, the Bible is our authority in all matters of doctrine and life.

We believe in:

Our fuller statement of faith is The Lausanne Covenant, first drafted in 1974 by the leaders of Christian churches and mission organizations who gathered in Switzerland under the leadership of Billy Graham. The covenant they wrote goes into detail on the great beliefs of the church down through the ages, with special attention to those issues that shape the worldwide mission of Christ followers in the 21st century.